Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Free Is Good!

Here are a few deals that I have recently come across. I hope you can use some or all of them and save a little money. All you have to do is follow the link or go to the manufacture's website. My goal is to make your searching easier by sharing the deals I find. Happy Saving! has a bunch of great coupons that are easy to print. Just "clip" by clicking on the box and they will print out. This site allows you to print all coupons at one time instead of page by page which saves time and ink!
My favorite coupons on this site are on page 17! $2.00 off the purchase of any LISTERINE ZERO mouthwash 1L or larger. This is a great coupon because the week of 1/16/11, Walgreen's will have this on sale for $2.99. Walgreen's will have its own in store sale of $1 off with the use of their register rewards card. Matched with this coupon that equals FREE!!!

Also if you have a sweet tooth you'll enjoy the coupon for 0.50 off when you buy any two Milky Way Brand Bars. Most stores sell candy bars 2 for $1 AND will double coupons (Kroger, Publix etc) which makes these candy bars FREE!!!

Last but not least:
Simply follow the link below, pick which deal you want. 0.50 off a 4 pack of Cottonelle and/or 0.50 off Cottonelle Fresh wipes. Then print! Its that easy and it will give you the chance to send it to six friends. Now for the good news. If you have a Kroger in your area, they sell a 4 pack of Cottonelle for 0.99 and will double this coupon. Again...FREE! If you don't have a Kroger check out your local supermarket or store and see what deal you can get. There wasn't a limit when I printed off my stack and they don't expire til 3/31/11. Happy Saving!